Eight Paintings by Daniel Richter

Eight Paintings by Daniel Richter OR Phosphorescence



Das Recht-

Here we are beating a horse,

Raskolnikov cries!

do not imagine our innocence

to be filed away.

You’ve seen it, seen it

the manuscripts left behind

undress, shoot bullets through your breast

peering into a forest,

            here is a white sky.





A nosferatu Ophelia floats by us

black swans drift in black water

she is bloating by, glowing by

spindly tree never hides

our glowing hides




Those who are here again-

Do you see the cubed dog?

The thunder within?

Come join!

We are burning shit!

We are cooking meat!

A yellow egg in nest house

the dog faced owner peers

into the pyre of white smoke

fire reflecting

                        neon paranoia.




Dog Planet-

Police state fun

thermal wave scene

in the darkness

only the heat rises

dogs and bayonets

like statues of safety

in masks and in guns.




Pink Flag-

Dogs you worry that rag

beasts in rear hoof

kick dent chest

you men in cloth

your teeth are showing

in a blue strip mall




Fun de Siècle-

Let’s meet at the gas station

lit up like a cloud

an orgy of such solitude

neo-zombification baby

in the cities and now

let’s lay like the dead

            and roll

                        and play

and love that structure

of light we’ve made.

Don’t forget guy you

are still alone


            all that neon glow.






Something explosive

a concert? Or camp?

Of police or brutes

with the need to eat,

to consume

graffiti piling high

on turpentine fumes.

Rain sparkling capirote

Klan or Nazarenos

This crowd is so hungry

we’ll swallow all your symbols.





Jesters schlumped down

in Picassan repose

ping pong ball weariness

behind those closed doors

Blackbird in hand

one foot with no shoe

our masks are still on

our masks are all plastered

with phantasmagoric glue. 


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  1. […] to do a series of poems based on the pictures in her book America. It’ll be similar to the Daniel Richter series I did a while ago–ekphrasis is really cool as an alternative to the essay I […]

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