Some Old Poems


I see Russia in the light
with its onion tops veiled
in its ice cream mornings.
I see baby flowers bursting forth from your laughter
and I’m engulfed, enraged.
You smile and the czar collapses
you smile and the poet rejoices

Time clutches at you, stickier than do I
we both want to tie you down to this Europe
but that’s of no use
“Look it’s colorless” you say.
I look but,
I cannot see through those brilliant eyes
downcast but defensive
I cannot relate to your baffling mind
but I have every insentive.
You say it is for the doves
for the good of the movies,
I avoid the word love.

Stroke your chin with your fingers
and let clothes down from wirehanger body
quick look- updown stop at the toes
under my nose
Oh how the wind blows all through my head
while I listen to all the words that you’ve not yet said.

Soon the chickens run through the courtyard
as we scatter the beads down the drain
and then you smile
and then I say
“Oh who needs god oh who wants love”
And the snow drifts down all the while.


 A Sketch of the Most Beautiful Person I’ve Ever Seen

 I think Kurt Cobain was hiding a little secret.
 In a fit of madness he befriended a beautiful supermodel
 and produced a love child comparable in beauty to
 any Greek god.
 And he was named Kafka.
Not the Kafka
 who crunched numbers by day
 and bled words by night.
It is he who reads those words
 in the dim light of the library
 with his golden curls tumbling over themselves
 in eager helixes.
Not the Kafka
 whose hat
 Brautigan’s ice-cream resembles.
It is he whose harsh K’s and A’s
 contours his perfect neck and face
 with perfect grace.
 With eyes sharper than the dagger I carry for
 protection from his species.
But his lips!
 They curve like
 Gala’s hips.


 Onward Pillows!
 are harmful
 if swallowed.


A Thoughtful Wino
She sits on many park benches
 Looks at the people around her
 and wonders aloud:
 “Are you my murderer?”


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