from something else

Headlights drip like souls on a string

Hurtling toward that black shape

We are the vanguard

Of our own destruction

Contained like Altazar

In the glass jars of our own reflections.

A Christian screams on the radio

A peacock shriek of god’s sweet breath

Screaming of scientists

Screaming of love

Behind his voice I detect a quiver

A begging please,

Please don’t let me be wrong.

Dmitri shakes in a hoary casino

Lights stabbing pinlike dots clear

We rush into the elevator

And I beg the spilled orange juice

Silently, please

Please don’t let me die alone.

We passed Needles some time ago

I heard the voice of Alice Notley hoot

Spotted desert plants

My fear of the irregular

Cacti spines and raised capillaries

Remind me of painful cats acts.