Drug Poems

Look at all these tubers of nebulas gathering darkly, brightly!


luminescent tubes

in the vivid black



of light

of glass



of bubbles

of thoughts


linearity suddenly shattered!

endless xylophones of color




shots of gold and purple (vibrations)

Swollen bubbles

coagulate, prismatic


softly glowing in the black

phallic and mammarian

liquids pulsate contained

within the thinnest layer

of transparency



growing from the walls

in an ecstatic magic EYE

of reflection

and deception.


Information? In this strobe flashing.


I draw fish with teeth and we all gather, quiet and blown over by a strong storm. The light makes everyone green. We are all the way we always are and yet this, this state of duality, of the consciousness being ripped out from the body, a state of pure data, is an alternate universe of patterns and seizures. When you come toward me, everything else recedes far away and the space between u                                         s grows.


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