Hello, Creature

Hello, Creature

The microclimates of this room
Make it hard to plan for clothes
And the foamy planes of bed
Don’t keep out the acrid chill.
Biting, leaving red marks
Tissue to bone to teeth
Contact can be startling,
As if placing skin against coils
Of burning chalk or ice.

The binaries in the world
Are often straightforward:
Pink, or not pink
Heap, or not heap.
The synonym of love is stay
The opposite of stay is not go
It is not stay.
Hips or not hip,
Milk or not milk.

Chattering, skin raised in
Glaciated goosebumps
Continuously growing outward.
Hair follicles stiffly becoming
Black plastic quills, piercing
Through sticky cells, shaking
Perverted sequins, forming
A huggable dense mesh,
A sweater of spines that only
Prick when petted the wrong way.

Hello, creature,
snuffling and blinded
In this expansive frosty
Soil. Do you need help?


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