Clearly Stated

My very cool talented cool weird cool talented cool very boyfriend Ian made this poetry game called Clearly Stated. You guys should submit, it is super fun. Also I drew a creepy cover for the second issue.


Improbable Conversations

Improbable Conversations

Each pixel a gate into the hall
Of your stunning interiority
Yes no no yes yes yes no

My catatonic glance
Has the reach of a sunflower’s
Imperceptible motion

If you only watched with care
The brightening toward, then 
Drooping into obscurity

Argue over the facts of intention:
It feels no grief
Tastes no salt

All it has is a feedback loop
Nudging with a muzzle
Toward a simple state

But we are different, yes
Want is not a lovely circle.
I can’t say why 

These forces disguised
As desire in uttered
Half-sleep sentences


If my child were to ask
the question of origins

I might put on the Beatles
and dance around, avoiding

The thing at hand. I might 
drink a beer and hand her

A Coke saying, look, hear
That big noise? When

A little noise meets an amplifier
they snowball into a shrieking sound

When love encounters an amplifier
it buds off into a shrieking person

That’s how you know
about the saturation point

It is weird, and I advise
against it, I might say. 

More Programmatic Poems!

Hey, oops, late update. Erik Rzepka is the guest editor at Truck and he put up a poem of mine there. And Bad Robot put up a track changes poem that I really loved making. Thanks guys!

Ian thinks I should make a chapbook of these robot poems. Maybe I will!



I peered through a dark
hall but only my lumen
glistened softly back.

Error 404:
I’m sorry, but what you’re looking
for doesn’t exist.

I despaired and
dissociated into
A red embryo.

On the drive home I
Noticed all the red things
On sticks.

I don’t trust you
My mother said, narrowing
Eyes at her phone.

Buttons I have pressed
With increasing urgency
(it doesn’t work)

If you wish for complexity
you will receive it.
Signposts will mutate.

I’m trying to grow on
A sugarless gel because
Sugar is so old school.

Packed with nutrients!
How to be emotionless
In 12 easy steps!


I can’t read a sen
tence anymore it takes
too long. I like poems

They tell me when to
breathe. The internet is
ruining me.

It’s ok because all
world religions have

When curiosity strikes
Look into a well and know
That it’s likely nothing.


you’re broken!


(tucking my hair back)
It’s great that you have this outlet
For all your troubles you know?
Yeah, I said as I wiped my mouth.

driving in a truck

Arrogantly you had said
that happiness is not it
biting into tart red flesh
is more important to you.

“Even Sisyphus feels joy
at the top of the mountain
I am not content with
content that anyone can make.”

You think these thoughts
spitting feathers from your mouth
Maybe I just drive people
to their deaths in a truck.

I drive people to their deaths
in a 1993 Chevy Silverado.

Try to take the scenic route
whenever possible; I’m nice.

Sometimes I’ll want to
apologize for the banal

vehicle to the glossy black
of forever but funds are tight.

It is costly to die and
know it; choking yourself

is a difficult rush
of blood to the eyes.

Ouch Ouch Ouch Gizoogled

ouch ouch ouch tha internizzle be a fucked up place
to strutt around barefoot
and curious

digital pimps go boo n’ yo ass scream loudly
startled all up in tha immediacy
of pixels

man I was just up fo’ a stroll n’ dis happened
fuck dis I be stickin ta books
forever now

All writers should Gizoogle their work. It is amazingly hilarious and amazing.