Evil Girls

Evil Girls

You’re like, “I like evil girls!”
I’m like, “oh shit you’re right”
You’re like, “ok, no not evil, really, but”
I’m like, “no actually evil is right”
You’re like, “but not evil evil, just like, you know?”
I’m like, “I do know, and evil is used correctly here”
You’re like, “yeah but you’re not evil though”
I’m like, “I know, shit, that’s what I’m saying”
You’re like, “ok maybe at some point I did like evil girls”
I’m like, “I recognize this fact viscerally”
You’re like, “but I don’t NOW because evilness is not good”
I’m like, “evilness is good in bed?”
You’re like, “whoa”
I’m like, “that’s it isn’t it”
You’re like, “well”


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