Phil Collins: Greatest Hits

Yesterday I woke up with Phil Collins’ Groovy Kind of Love stuck in my head. I haven’t heard that song in years, maybe a decade. So Ian and I collaborated on a poetry e-book called Phil Collins: Greatest Hits. Here’s a sample poem:

Two Worlds

Which of Phaeton? What you must believe that two worlds line. Family just Jaheim them, if they do say to guide these lives, EBC.

Got it, Donathon.

Touch my man, women, this hotblast with love. Symbion is alive in peas. Salt Lake Chad does blow your feet, now to world line family. Just jihad that they Teesside to Gindy’s’s recede. Beneath the shelter, around the cheese.

Only a lot Candenta here. Soon borrow alive in peas, crazy ahead.

Live tithe the food, take strength from those in need, to build high villa walls. Built strong, moonbeams.
Visit wading a dangerousness changes.

He and—

No, I just gone my mother. SDA know what it is, Ganhill. Up broken.

Hi, Jamie has gone. But where there’s hope.

Somewhere something is scarring. Fall you to a world salon family, just Jaheim that they decide. To guide these lives we see.


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