El Ratoncito

El Ratoncito

I look at lonely people and
hide my head under a pillow.
Everyone wants to be a salve.
A balmy morning spent looking
through a violet window
saying it’s ok, I am there with you,
just a soft husk breathing.

Two galaxies slowly crash
into each other, blinded whales.
The qualities of empathy are
cloudy, like a cataract thundering
over the edge of a bowl.
My body knows a lot
of things that I deny.

I’m eating these diamonds
thoughtfully with a spoon,
washing them down with
gold flecked vodka.
If I collect within me enough
hard stones, I will become
a deadly weapon silo.

I look at lonely people and
press down until a rainbow
emerges, concentric rings
like dipping a finger into
a solution looking for a
problem. I press harder
until the screen cracks.

Currently I’m working on
several whirring add-ons
that’ll purr, look helpless,
de-melanize, saturate, seek
eye contact, be unequivocal,
flatten display, high resolution.
Patent pending.


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