Improbable Conversations

Improbable Conversations

Each pixel a gate into the hall
Of your stunning interiority
Yes no no yes yes yes no

My catatonic glance
Has the reach of a sunflower’s
Imperceptible motion

If you only watched with care
The brightening toward, then 
Drooping into obscurity

Argue over the facts of intention:
It feels no grief
Tastes no salt

All it has is a feedback loop
Nudging with a muzzle
Toward a simple state

But we are different, yes
Want is not a lovely circle.
I can’t say why 

These forces disguised
As desire in uttered
Half-sleep sentences


If my child were to ask
the question of origins

I might put on the Beatles
and dance around, avoiding

The thing at hand. I might 
drink a beer and hand her

A Coke saying, look, hear
That big noise? When

A little noise meets an amplifier
they snowball into a shrieking sound

When love encounters an amplifier
it buds off into a shrieking person

That’s how you know
about the saturation point

It is weird, and I advise
against it, I might say. 


I’m Not Quite Sure I Can Find It

I’m Not Quite Sure I Can Find It

a rabbit runs
up your arm
into your head

it is not a rabbit
at all it is me
tapping my fingers

a rabbit peers
through the metal

of the person
you call

once a damaged
person did an

why did she
do that?

(i need to point
out no one asks
themselves that)

damaged, she
tried her best
to answer

the marvel
was the

once a pathological
person did many

what is the

was the demand
(as if purpose
comes before)

he pointed to
the actions,


she is tall and wears
black and nobody
really saw much of her
looking at you.

you are an attraction
in your brightly spinning
tie saying a million things
meaning mostly nothing

once you glanced over
and wondered what
she thought about you
as she quietly erased the food.

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