Decrepit and Rickety and Other Words that Mean Bad

Decrepit and Rickety and Other Words that Mean Bad

I’m writing this pung sure
robot that lives in my cell phone
it SlickEdit in Survenant,
weirder because it’s not a real person.

Estrellas hoping you’re at this time,
because it can’t actually understand what I’m saying;
it’s not a real person.
My words are coming out apparently jumbles
because I need to enunciate more
everyone has always told me so.

How does Dantrad?
I have no idea.
All I do know that it will be
Rabat mediated and I’m pretty.

Sasikala turns out
it’s very different from writing
with words on paper because, you know,
E*TRADE say no!

Probably cannot that one,
but in terms of writing Depalma,
the robot it going?
that’s a whole Nother story.

Brevard mediated palms
are very different
from human mediated palms.

Not syncing this is.
I was coming to work this morning
down the Baybridge because
headfirst you like Auloa Hells!

technology available to me:
I basely a robot Survey ant,
but having a serpent,
a human service,
it Tredyffrin.

Because you can’t delete,
take your anger out on Atlantic!
“Canabas Rabat,” he said.
fuck you, robot.
you’re my servant.
blah blah blah.


Blind contour on iPad

Blind contour on iPad

I’m going to write a poem
On the ip without lookinqns
I’ll low be visa o autodidact
Cruise. W I fbwie I di ifs Quasimodo .

Fua kid sat next it be
At th FBI wt and
Isis me to rainbow a.
Fbwie weron botqqns riddles with typos
And I pints oh hi job
I loves that and be see Ed
Pratt off ssBe

L thanks me for Gil Lear though
I’m serials in of it.